It is a known fact that whenever disaster strikes, either its violent conflict,5 economic downturn, insurgency, pandemic or a natural event, there are some people that are affected the most, children and women are majorly among the most vulnerable to negative effects. They may fall victim to any number of threats, including psychosocial distress, family separation, widowhood, interruption in education, physical and emotional abuse, trafficking and neglect, to mentioned a few.

For the past decade, the Northeaster part of the country has been hit with the insurgency and has affected a lot of people and many flew from their place of origin to seek refuge in some of the camps.

In lieu to this, many people are displaced, the camps are most congested and some have resulted in staying off the camp and are leaving in an informal camp where things seem to be worst for them.

Delight Affection Foundation seek to enhance protection mechanisms for the most vulnerable members of the communities especially Children and women by implementing activities to respond to the risks and consequences of violence and abuse for children and caregivers which include psychosocial support in the child and youth-friendly spaces, case management, helping them to build their self-esteem and resilience through empowerment, Awareness-raising campaigns toward Gender Based Violence, Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA), Service Referral Pathway, Awareness on human rights. To mentioned a few.