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Projects Carried Out

 1. Educational Support:  Selected students at Goni Mohammed Stadium Camp were supported with educational materials such as: exercise books, pencils, biros, rulers etc. and textbooks such as: English Language, Mathematics, Quantitative Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning textbooks which were donated to the school to commemorate the International Day of Education, 24th January, 2020.

2. Food Security: Some selected widows at the Goni Mohammed Stadium Camp during the Valentine season (14th February, 2020) were also supported with some food items viz sachets of indomie, tomato paste sachets, other items such as: detergents and educational materials (Exercise books, rulers, biros, pencils, and erasers) were donated to their children.

3. Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion: Carried out sanitation activities at Kuseri camp (Informal Camp) Polo area on the 19th of February 2020, where the camp and Environs were cleaned. Donated sanitation materials viz rakes, hoes, buckets, izals, detergents, nose masks, brooms, brushes, parkers, hand gloves, and matches were handed over to the Sanitation committee to help in consistent cleaning up of the environment.

Also, dustbins were donated to the Goni Mohammed Stadium Camp School to encourage cleanliness.

4. Celebration of International women’s day: This was carried out at the Chezcoan IDP camp where we empowered 30 women with funds for starting small businesses on the 13th March 2020. Ranging from knitting of fish nets, caps, cloths making of hand fans, making of soya beans, steamed bean cake and kulikuli. We have continued to monitor the progress of the start-ups and seen significant improvement in their livelihood.

5. Celebration of National Children’s Day: The children’s day celebration was marked at the Chezcoan IDP camp on 27th May, 2020. This activity was carried in varying stages so as to give the children the opportunity to maximize fully every section of the activities we had lined out for them.

7. Celebration of World Menstrual Day: The activity for the celebration took place at the Chezcoan IDP camp on 31st May, 2020. 30 women were selected by the women leader to benefit from this activity. It was majorly divided into 2 stages;
a. The educative and interactive session
b. The sharing of hygiene materials such as menstrual pads and detergents

8. World Humanitarian Day: The activity for the celebration took place at Chezcoan IDP camp on 19th August, 2020. Educational materials (5 exercise books each, pencils, rulers) and cheese balls was given to 70 students attending the camp school at Ajiri 1.