Food Security & Livelihood

According to Cadre Harmonize (CH), For the current period (October to December 2020), about 10 million people (9.8%) of the analyzed population are in the critical phases (phase 3-5) of food and nutrition insecurity. Of these population, 689,128 (6.9%) are resident in completely inaccessible or inaccessible communities of partially accessible LGAs in Borno, Adamawa and Yobe States. During the projected period (June to August 2021), in the absence of intensified resilience-driven livelihood interventions and food aid support from the humanitarian actors; these figures are expected to increase to 13.8 million (12.9%) people across the 15 states and the FCT. Of the vulnerable population during the projected period, about 867,470 (6.25%) persons are located in inaccessible or partially accessible communities of Borno, Adamawa (Madagali) and Yobe (Geidam) States.

Delight Affection Foundation seeks to Partnering with government and food security sector/Actor for distribution of food to the community, creating income generating activities for people in the community, Establishing and monitoring kitchen garden for the people in the community, creating an avenue for the people to learn skills or improve on their skills by making material resources available for them.